Accessibility Consulting Program Consultant

Request for Letters of Interest

We are seeking consultants to work on a contract project basis to help meet our client’s service needs. At this point our intent is to form a qualified list of consultants.  This list will expand our capacity to meet the ongoing and growing demand for our accessibility consulting services.


The Manitoba League of Persons with Disabilities (MLPD) is a non-profit cross-disability organization that has been working since 1974 to ensure that all Manitobans, regardless of ability, have the same access to opportunities. It has lobbied to make public buildings more accessible, was actively involved in the development of the City of Winnipeg’s Handi-Transit Service, and advocated for the current Accessibility for Manitobans Act (AMA). In October 2016, MLPD launched its Accessibility Consulting Services Program.

The Accessibility Consulting Services Program is a social enterprise to promote accessibility, earn revenue for MLPD, and engage organizations and persons with disabilities in the process. It responds to the AMA that initially required public sector organizations to develop accessibility plans and consult the disabilities community in the process and now requires all sectors to be compliant. At this time only one of the five standards has been implemented; the Customer Service Standard.

MLPD has also developed and is in process of beta testing its online training platform that will enable organizations to comply with their staff training requirement.

Consultant Duties and responsibilities

  • Work in collaboration with clients in providing consulting services for disability accessibility.
  • Guide and advise clients on accessibility planning.
  • Create and prepare accessibility plans, policies and procedures.
  • Lead training initiatives and accessibility learning for increased awareness.
  • Coordinate program and consulting services administration.
  • Consult, collaborate and engage the disability community as required when fulfilling MLPD contracts.
  • In collaboration with MLPD prepare service contracts, proposals and statements of work.
  • Prepare client reports and documentation in collaboration with MLPD


Requirements include the following:

  • Experience as a consultant, and specific experience with disability awareness.
  • Connections and experience within the disability community.
  • Strong understanding Accessibility for Manitobans Act and the Customer Service Standard
  • Strong professional communication and writing skills
  • Contract and proposal writing skills
  • Project management abilities
  • Training skills
  • Customer service skills

To apply please send a letter of interest detailing your related experience and qualifications, consulting fee (hourly or daily rate) and your general availability to work on contracts.  Please include your resume.

Send your letter of intent and related documentation to: Operations Manager, MLPD by email

Initial submission deadline is November 30, 2018.

Posting in word format can be downloaded below. ACS Program Consultant Posting Nov 20 2018