Manitoba League of Persons with Disabilities (MLPD) is committed to respecting your personal information as we comply with the Privacy Act (PIPEDA). Please see the list below with regard to our treatment of your personal information.

  1. MLPD will not sell, trade, or otherwise disclose your personal information to any other agency or group.
  2. Personal information is collected for several key reasons, some of which are listed here:
    1. Issuance of tax receipts.
    2. MLPD’s mandatory reporting to the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency).
    3. Communication regarding MLPD activities (e.g.: newsletters, occasional information related to fundraising efforts or association activities)
  3. While MLPD is required by law to retain donor personal information for a period after the donation is made, donors can request to be removed from any list of contacts for possible future communication by contacting MLPD’s Management.
  4. No financial information (e.g.: credit card number or otherwise) is retained in our database.
  5. MLPD considers any receipt of personal information as permission from the donor to have his or her information stored in our database, excluding any financial information.

MLPD is an independent non-profit organization governed by a volunteer Council. Our funds are generated from the generous donations of individuals, groups, foundations, community organizations, and corporate grants.