Accessibility Resources

Accessibility Resource

Accessibility Resources

MLPD provides a voice for people with disabilities bridging the gap between government and the disability community in Manitoba.

MLPD provides supports that help community members feel included and able to accomplish and achieve any task.

MLPD Keeps members informed about events, initiatives and developments that impact the disability community as they happen.

Exciting Developments

Accessibility Resources Developed by MLPD.

A series of video clips enacting conversations between an employee and their manager. Each video will deal with disability related issues that may arise in the workplace. This is also a part of the MCWD Mid-Career Workers with Disabilities Project.

Returning to Work after a Leave is a self-paced online learning tool which is part of the MCWD Mid-Career Workers with Disabilities Project.

Accessibility for Manitobans Act: Customer Service Standard

Accessibility for Manitobans Act: Accessible Employment Standard

EmpowerU -(French is here) Self-paced training for people interested in disability rights, CRPD and OP, and mechanisms to protect rights and how to remedy discrimination.

The MLPD has invested substantial efforts into the implementation of the Accessibility for Manitobans Act (AMA) legislation through its new social enterprise offering accessibility consulting services. Learn more about the accessibility consulting services we can provide.



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