MLPD Partners with Elections Canada

MLPD Partners with Elections Canada to Share Accessibility in Federal Elections

Canada currently has a minority federal government. As a result, there could be a federal election called at any time.

MLPD is working with Elections Canada to ensure those living with disabilities have access to education and information to make the electoral process more accessible. We are hosting free webinars about How to Register and Vote in a federal election as well as Working in a federal election. Bookmark this page and check back regularly for new information, or follow MLPD on Instagram and Facebook.

Elections are important: when you vote, you choose the person who will represent you in the federal government. This person will make decisions that affect you and your community. By actively participating in the electoral process  you can ensure that the voices of people living with disabilities are heard.

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We will be hosting six webinars on the topics of Working in an Election, Running in an Election and Voting in an election.

See the schedule of events below.

Image of a table with various print materials for Elections Canada
Courtesy of Elections Canada

Working in Election – August 26th at 7 pm

Hosted by MLPD

Who should attend?
Anyone who would like to learn more about working in a federal election.

You will learn about the 15 roles in the Elections Office and the 4 roles at a Polling Station and the skills required for each role.

You will learn how easy it is to apply to work in a federal election.

You will learn how Elections Canada is committing to hire people who represent the community, including people living with disability.

Registration link:

Voting in an Election

This webinar, hosted by Abilities Manitoba, will guide Disability Support Workers on how to support someone to vote in the next federal election. Key topics include

a.      Make a Plan to Vote

b.      Types of acceptable identification

c.       Vote Pop Up – practice voting with Elections Canada supplies

Tuesday, August 31 – 11:30 am – 1:30 pm

Registration link:

Wednesday, September 1 – 7 pm to 9 pm

Registration link:

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