Decolonization Work

“What you call disabilities, we call gifts”.

National Accessibility Awareness Week  

For 2023 National Accessibility Awareness Week, MLPD hosted an online discussion with Elder Louise MacKay, Melanie Marsden, Jeannie Whitebird, and Tara Petti. The focus of the discussion was making Indigenous cultural events, spaces, and everyday life accessible.

Indigenous cultural ways are about the gifts we all carry and having a good life throughout our journey, no matter who we are, where we come from, or what we look like. Participants in this discussion talked about their abilities, their challenges, and their advocacy for inclusion.

Discussions like this are one of many ways that MLPD is working towards decolonizing disability and we look forward to hosting more in the future.


Our Health Counts 

MLPD was invited into this project by Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre. This research project will help better understand and count Indigenous people in health statistics, where they have historically been undercounted.

MLPD Executive Director Melissa Graham is attending on behalf the organization to share perspectives between the disability and Indigenous communities and contributes to our work in decolonizing disability.