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Manitoba is poised to become a leader in accessibility!
“The Government of Manitoba is committed
to achieve significant progress by 2023,
making Manitoba more inclusive for everyone."
MLPD Accessibility Consulting Services
is a Manitoba-based not-for-profit consulting and training service developed to work
directly with organizations to ensure compliance with the Accessibility for Manitobans Act.
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Our organization has been serving the Manitoba disabilities community for over 40 years. We have created a Community Advisory Council as a cross-disability team of experts who have been chosen to provide advice relating to their members’ recommendations. We have also assembled a team of professionals including occupational therapists and architects who provide different expertise.
The first Standard is Customer Service
The next standards will include:
  • Employment Accessibility
  • Information and Communication
  • Built Environment
  • Transportation
Each standard has specific requirements and timelines – all designed to eliminate barriers.
We can lead your staff through the process of creating a detailed Accessibility Plan, or a simple Accessibility Policy. We will work with your project lead, or provide one for you. In each working arrangement, you can be sure that MLPD will work with you to prioritize activities and guide you step by step, toward full compliance with the law.
We are confident that a brief online demonstration will establish our unique position to ensure you comply with the Accessibility for Manitobans Act, including additional optional services to focus right in on your unique needs.
We will work with you to identify gaps and develop strategies to remove barriers including:
  • Architectural or structural
  • Information and communications
  • Technology
  • Systemic
  • Attitudinal
We work with you to discover your organization’s priorities and short term & long term goals toward Accessibility. We are students of the AMA legislation, and work closely with the Manitoba Government - Disabilities Issues Office (DIO) to ensure you know which steps are necessary to comply with the AMA Standards, and what are Best Practices you can incorporate into your longer term plans.
Through local partnerships and collaborations with the Manitoba disabilities community organizations, we ensure the recommendations you receive have been reviewed by a LOCAL, cross-disability perspective.
Partnerships with several private sector, non-governmental, and governmental partners ensure we can offer broad list of professional services which can be bundled or chosen a la carte.
When you work with MLPD, you may also receive the perspectives from Occupational Therapists, Architects, community disabilities experts, and individuals who are living with disabilities.
Contact us at 204-943-6099 or to find out how we can assist your organization.
MLPD is a member of the national organization Council of Canadians with Disabilities (CCD) which is based in Winnipeg and has offices in Ottawa.
Our Mission
The MLPD is a united voice of people with disabilities, and their supporters, that promotes equal rights, full participation in society, and facilitates postive change through advocacy and public education.
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