Resources related to employment and career adaptability for mid-career workers with disabilities.

These resources were developed by MLPD in partnership with The Mid-Career Workers with Disabilities through Community-building, Education, and Career-Progression Resources (MCWD) Project.  For more information about the project click here.

A series of video clips enacting conversations between an employee and their manager. Each video will deal with disability related issues that may arise in the workplace.

Welcome to the MLPD Mid-career workers with disabilities series on tough conversations at work. In this video you will watch a worker and her supervisor discuss various topics around disability in employment.

Many people dread these tough conversations – both workers and supervisors. They can be uncomfortable for the worker due to the level of vulnerability we feel discussing sensitive and personal topics. Supervisors may also feel uncomfortable if they have not had sufficient accessibility training or haven’t had sufficient practice in using their training.

We hope these short clips will be useful to illustrate the importance of having a robust system of policies and procedures in place at the organization. We further hope it will demonstrate the importance of ensuring both supervisors and employees are aware of accessibility accommodations in the workforce.

The Return to Work resource is a self-paced online learning tool. You may find this information useful if you are mid-career, live with a disability, and are ready to return to work after a leave or gap in employment.

We have divided the information into two themes:

1) Returning to the workforce after a gap in employment

2) Returning to work after a leave of absence

After reviewing this material, you will have:

A greater sense of what you can expect when returning to work after a leave. We’ll look at the roles and responsibilities of people involved in the process.

Gained insight into what challenges you may face during the process (and how you might navigate through them).

Increased your confidence in asking for and receiving fair and adequate accommodations.

Click here to access this learning tool.