Become Accessible

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Become Accessible

MLPD offers their knowledgeable, well trained and experienced staff as a resource for your business to help you make sure your workplace and services are accessible and inclusive under the new Accessibility for Manitobans Act.

With our staff’s deep understanding of applicable rules, regulations and legislation, we will make sure you can feel comfortable that you and your business will be accessibility compliant going forward.

The wide variety and customized training offerings we can provide your business, either big or small, are sure to help your business take the right steps on its accessibility journey.

Contact MLPD for all your accessible customer service consulting needs:

Call us at 204-943-6099 or Email:

What you need to know about MLPD:

1. MLPD is a made-in-Manitoba solution for your accessibility needs.
2. Over 40 years of experience solving accessibility challenges.
3. Cross-disability perspective with experts with lived experience.

There are 200,000 Manitobans living with some form of disability and lacking accessibility.

Are you losing out due to a lack of accessibility?

Are you at risk because your organization is not compliant with the Accessibility for Manitobans Act (AMA)?

Do you know what great accessibility policies look like and how to implement them?



MLPD can offer you both ready-to-implement and
custom solutions that includes:

Creating Accessible Employment Webinars

These webinars cover the basics of the Accessible Employment Standard of the Accessibility for Manitobans Act. This training is open to employers who wish to become compliant with the new law. Click here for more information.

Policy Creation

Work side by side with your organization’s leadership to match your values and strategy. Our accessibility knowledge and flexible policy templates will help you create great policy that will make your organization accessible for generations to come.

Staff Training

Training people and tracking that training is hard work, taking a lot of resources away from the projects you truly care about. Instead let MLPD do the hard work for you, with our online training system and refined training curriculum getting your staff trained is as easy as picking up the phone.

Employers and individuals may also access our self-paced learning programs which provide training to individuals in an online self paced format where learners can return and complete or review the training at any time.

Accessible Employment

Individuals may register and log into their customized portal or learners can browse the resource at their leisure.  browsing does not provide tracking on individual progress.  Access this training here:

Accessible Customer Service

At this time this training is only available to registered learners.  Please contact our Accessibility Coordinator at to obtain your registration.  Employers may register their employees to make this training available to their staff.  This registration will allow you to track the training that your employees are taking and it will also provide completion certificates to your staff when they have completed the training.  Periodic quizzes are employed to ensure employees understand the material.  You may also request customized certificates for your employees (at an additional incremental cost).

Accessibility Review Program

Having an accessibility policy and trained staff is only a small portion of the work needed to truly make your organization accessible. MLPD’s superior auditing capabilities will help you make sure that your organization is moving towards a more accessible future.




Downloadable version of MLPD’s brochure.

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MLPD have successfully worked with

Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries
Manitoba Government and General Employees' Union
Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology
Manitoba Adolescent Treatment Centre
Manitoba Access Awareness Week
Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs