Canada currently has a minority federal government. As a result, there could be a federal election called at any time.
MLPD is working with Elections Canada to ensure those living with disabilities have access to education and information to make the electoral process more accessible. We are hosting free webinars about How to Register and Vote in a federal election as well as Working in a federal election. Bookmark this page and check back regularly for new information, or follow MLPD on Instagram and Facebook.

Elections are important: when you vote, you choose the person who will represent you in the federal government. This person will make decisions that affect you and your community. By actively participating in the electoral process you can ensure that the voices of people living with disabilities are heard.

MLPD is creating resources for people with disabilities and gifts who may be interested in running as candidates, who may be interested in engaging with elected officials, working at an election, or finding resources on accessible voting.

Becoming a Candidate with a Disability

Article and Webinar on Campaigning with a Disability

Lived Experience at the Policy Table

Lived Experience at the Policy Table Webinar – YouTube Video with Captions

David Kron from Barrier Free Manitoba and Janet Rodriguez from Disability Without Poverty joined us for a webinar on engaging with elected officials at the policy table.

Resources for Communicating with Elected Representatives

Article on the Importance of Including Lived Experience of Disability – Reflections from Disability Without Poverty.

Article on Speaking Up Together – An interview with Breanne Boyce about Advocating for Accessibility.

Working and Voting in Federal Elections

Coming in 2024-2025.



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