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Response to Withholding or Withdrawing Life Sustaining Treatment


1.     Introduction

2.     Concerns
     a.     Trust and the Doctor / Patient Relationship
     b.     Vague Terminology
     c.     Non-specificity of DNR (Do Not Resuscitate)
     d.     Therapeutic Privilege
     e.     The Fallibility of Medical Judgement
     f.     Negative Bias
     g.     Euthanasia
     h.     Purpose of Guidelines
     i.     Intentions
     j.     Futility and "Scarce Resources"

3.     Responses to Discussion Paper Questions

4.     Bibliography
Our Mission
The MLPD is a united voice of people with disabilities, and their supporters, that promotes equal rights, full participation in society, and facilitates postive change through advocacy and public education.
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